Center your icons on the Windows 7 taskbar


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You've probably noticed the striking similarity between the icon bar on Windows 7 and the Mac OS X Dock. However, one of the main differences is that, while the Mac Dock is centered on the screen, the Windows bar is arranged left to right.

TaskDock is an application that lets you move the icons from the Windows 7 taskbar and center them the screen, if that's how you want them.

When you run the program, you'll see an icon in the system tray. When you click on it, the program gives you the option to center your taskbar icons. Then you just place the green arrow in the center of the bar and double-click it.

If you want to restore your icons to their original position, all you have to do is close the program from the same icon in the system tray.

It may not be very traditional, but TaskDock is one of the most effective options for customizing the position of the icons on the new Windows 7 taskbar.
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